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Cheap Web hosting is Bad for SEO

Often times when the topic of web hosting comes up with clients, it is something they have not thought about. Some ask for our recommendation and others do a Google search for “cheap web hosting” and are quick to spot the $1.99 hosting from GoDaddy.

There is nothing wrong with cheap hosting if used for a personal webpage. If on the other hand your site is business related or if search engine rankings are important to you, it would be a bad choice to choose the cheapest option.

Here are the top reasons why cheap or bad hosting can not only irritate your visitors but also negatively effect SEO:

1. Web Server Downtime
Cheap shared hosting plans experience a lot of downtime. During these times your website cannot be accessed by either visitors or search engines, which hurts SEO efforts badly.

2. Page Load Time
Slow page load time can directly impact high bounce rates and decreased conversion rates and negatively effect SEO. Cheap web hosting companies promise Unlimited bandwidth but fail to mention how slow it will be. How long your website takes to load has been a ranking factor used in Google’s search ranking algorithms since 2010.

3. Bad Shared Hosting Neighbors
With shared hosting, your website files are stored on the same server space and IP address with other websites. If the other neighbor websites are spammy it can negatively effect your SEO. Use this free tool to see who is sharing your IP address.

If you are losing sleep because of these and other hosting issues, drop us an email. We’ll point you in the right direction.

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  1. Uptime

    Choosing a web hosting company because of it’s cheap price is not ideal, this is the common mistake most first timers do when starting their very own website. Price is just an additional factor to consider, take your time to carefully choose one for your site.

  2. Hermine

    Simply wish to say your article is clear and you sound like an expert on website hosting. Thanks for the help

  3. Rodney Gunia

    Choose a web host that offers SEO help to boost site traffic. This will register you with search engines. This won’t give you the detailed access registering your site manually will offer, though, and you may not like the results.

  4. Kendall Loyack

    Examine the website of each web host you are considering. A poorly constructed site is a red flag for any web hosting company. These things could indicate sloppiness, a lack of experience or a company who is not planning to stay around for very long. A site that is designed well indicates that the business has a good eye for detail and that they have lots of experience in regards to web design.

  5. Tina Kouba

    Prior to making the final decision on your hosting company, check their safety and security features. Verify that the provider can offer airtight protection from hackers and viruses. Server back-up will be a part of the service of a good web host.

  6. Mitch

    I agreed. Cheap web hosting is perfect for personal sites but for business and SEO practices I think cheap web hosting is not a very good idea.

  7. c gator

    If you choose to hire a professional web designer for help, they may also be able to help you with this.


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