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Spotting a Fake Social Media Expert

Companies are increasingly on the hunt for social media savvy professionals. Whether for Customer Service or Marketing, social media experts are in demand by small to large businesses. Once business owners understand that a high school student should not be running the companies social media marketing, they will search for an agency.

There will always be those who try to pawn themselves off as experts. With such important customer facing visibility you don’t want to hire the wrong person or agency. So how do you spot a fake social media guru? Here is what to look for in a fake:

Dependence on buzz words
They don’t have program goals outside of setting up accounts and posting randomly.

Their own social presence is a mess and only focus on top social networks
Their own social media accounts are short on content. Facebook and twitter are the big platforms but there are many smaller platforms depending on your business.

They don’t understand how to fit social media into a business
Just because they maybe good at personal branding, it doesn’t mean they’ll be great at managing a corporate social program. Managing a personal brand is VERY DIFFERENT from managing a corporate brand.

They employ the same strategy to every platform
There are many good strategies to use on Facebook that don’t work on Twitter, and vice verse. Do they know which strategy is best for each platform?

If you don’t have the time or expertise to filter through a list of candidates, bring in people who know the space. Hire an online marketing agency to partner with your HR team and sift through the candidates. And remember you don’t need a Twitter Hotshot, a LinkedIn Guy or a Facebook Ninja, settle for a solid professional who will positively represent your company and brand. Oh and by the way, we are here to help.

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