domain name expiration notice email scam

Domain Name Expiration Notice Email Scam

Internet scams are nothing new and as we highlighted before they can arrive via email or even in the mailbox. The most recent scam warns of domain name expiration and has fooled a couple of our clients. The email pictured above uses language that scares business owners into thinking they have to pay quickly: Don’t […]

DNS Services Scam bill mail copy

DNS Services Bill Scam

We recently received calls from several clients asking if they should pay the “bill” from DNS Services for hosting and email servers. This was a surprise to us because we provide hosting and email services for these clients. Once the bill / invoice was scanned over to us, we quickly saw the scam. Notice the […]

Romney accidently publishes victory website

Romney Publishes Victory Website by Mistake

On Tuesday, one person was re-hired and another fired. President Barack Obama was re-elected and will continue working for another four years. The person fired was a Romney staffer who accidentally published the website Mitt Romney had prepared in case he became president elect. Romney’s look and tag line “Smaller, Simpler, Smarter” Future of America, […]

Arm and Hammer knockoff

Spotting a Fake Social Media Expert

Companies are increasingly on the hunt for social media savvy professionals. Whether for Customer Service or Marketing, social media experts are in demand by small to large businesses. Once business owners understand that a high school student should not be running the companies social media marketing, they will search for an agency. There will always […]

Cast or copy a vinyl record

How to copy / pirate vinyl records

Put the original record in the wood box and pour the silicone mix over the record to create a mold. Then pour the liquid plastic into the silicone mold to make the copy of the record. Not easy as copying Mp3’s but doesn’t feel as evil cause you made it. Read the step-by-step here: